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LPS 2.0: #03

by Cat Moon

Rather unexpectedly, I have the opportunity to model work/life alignment for Legal Problem Solving (LPS) students this week. I'm writing this post from a hospital room, where I've spent the past week supporting my father through some adventures in modern healthcare.

I share this for a couple of reasons. One, I'm terribly late posting and this post will be brief and not what I had planned and I want to explain why. I've made a commitment to post on the LPS blog and I want to honor that commitment — in a way that fits within my world and its boundaries, at this moment in time.

Two, it took me a long time to be confident in setting boundaries between work life and personal life and I regret that I didn't set these boundaries sooner. I want to empower my students to do so at a much earlier point in their professional lives. So I am modeling what this looks like. How? This is my post. A post about why I can't write a post this week. It's all I can do, and it's enough. Family first. Work second.