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LPS v.2021: Final Design Projects

by Cat Moon

In the next series of posts, I'll be sharing the final individual projects from Legal Problem Solving v.2021. These range from articles to legal document redesigns to comic book explainers of Miranda for kids! And they capture the range of interests and creativity that animated the Vanderbilt Law School colleagues who joined me on the semester-long journey into human-centered design in legal practice.

Student colleagues had great latitude in selecting a project topic and format, as reflected in the range of projects they designed. The primary goal was that they approach this work with the human-centered mindsets we embrace in Legal Problem Solving: exhibiting humble curiosity and empathy, embracing ambiguity, embracing feedback, leveraging experimentation, and seeking radical collaboration.

Across the projects, student colleagues' work reflects a human-centered approach. One I hope they will carry with them into the practice.